While 1 in 5 U.S. adults experience mental illness annually, a recent study by Deloitte revealed that less than half receive treatment. A study from the Mental Health in the Workplace Summit also found that mental illness is the leading cause of disability for U.S. adults aged 15 to 44 and that more workdays are lost to mental health-related absenteeism than any other injury or illness. Being an OTR Truck Driver increases your chance of behavioral health implications due to the solo-traveling nature of the career. That’s why Cooper Freight has many programs and resources in place to help their OTR Drivers keep a positive mindset both on the road and at home.

Cooper Freight has created a culture that supports our employees’ mental health. Your overall well-being is connected to your mental health, so here are 3 simple ways that Over-The-Road Truck Drivers can boost their mental health and ways Cooper Freight, who is currently Hiring OTR Truckers supports mental health at their facilities.

  1. Create Healthy Routines
    Healthy routines include eating a nutrient-rich diet, exercising and getting enough sleep. Starting with small changes allow it to feel less like a diet and you are more apt to keeping these lifestyle changes overtime. Check out our Best Grab-n-Go Healthy Snacks for Truck Drivers post for some ideas! For our OTR Drivers and staff at Cooper Freight, we have 24-hour secure access to our Fitness Center & Driver Lounge complete with a 34-hour Suite for those who need it.rider pet policy
  2. Cultivate Gratitude
    Practicing gratitude is linked to improved mental health. Consider keeping a gratitude journal, meditating, positive affirmations, listening to positive-oriented podcasts or by making a point to thank people in your life. While you’re OTR, make it a goal to make one stranger smile a day by holding the door open for them, complimenting them, or picking up their tab at a fast-food restaurant. At Cooper Freight, we have Walt Cooper, our Corporate Chaplain, who helps our employees with one on one care.“To care for the needs and develop relationships with every employee who permits me to treat them as family. As family, we can personally be there for celebrating praises, supporting employees when the bottom falls out, supporting a family member in an emergency, listening and talking about life’s good, bad and ugly, as well as to just say, “Hi”, talk and pray with you.” – Walt Cooper
  3. Practice Work-Life Harmony
    Work-life balance, or a lack thereof, can affect an employee’s mental health. To help employees better balance their work and personal lives, Cooper Freight embraces workplace flexibility and stands by their commitment to having OTR Drivers home on the weekends 99% of the time. Flexible schedules provide employees with job satisfaction, better health, increased work-life balance and less stress. In addition to our flexible schedules, we know that being on the road can be taxing at times by yourself so we have our Rider & Pet Program allowing you to bring your furry companion with you.


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