Cooper Freight has established its name in the industry as a consistent and reliable company when it comes to shipping high-value freight on time for almost 50 years. We have also been able to service many clients by offering diverse options when they were met with obstacles in their supply chain operations.


We pride ourselves not only on our timely delivery of shipments, but also on maintaining a seamless balance between our professionalism and personal relationships with the employees. We recognize the hard work of our employees, commend them for it and try to make adjustments wherever possible to best suit their personal needs. We do this because we care! We care about the standards of our services as well as building a strong relationship with our drivers, clients, and suppliers. It is due to the hard work of our employees that we have been able to carve a name and recognition of our business in this highly competitive industry. We assure you that regardless of the challenges that will inevitably stand in our way, we will not compromise on our core values and our treatment of the employees.

In essence, we promote a healthy culture which starts at the top and funnels down to every employee associated with Cooper Freight Service, regardless of their job status. This isn’t a short-term objective.

We create a relationship among our customers by engaging in safe and well-organized freight transportation solutions.


Cooper Freight believes in giving due recognition to its employees and celebrates their services annually at the Million Mile Club. We make sure that we establish a relationship that goes beyond a professional one. It is imperative to highlight the accomplishment of our hard-working drivers and reward them, so they know that their efforts never go unnoticed.


We try to incorporate a system that is beneficial to all parties working for our business. For our drivers, we provide a great pay scale ranging from $62,000 – $89,000 per annum. If the drivers showcase exceptional work ethic or perform remarkably, they secure a chance for a raise in just 6 months! We offer our employees referral and safety bonuses as well.

Cooper Freight Service further grants the provision of life insurance and medical insurance, including dental and vision. Most of the time, drivers enjoy time off on weekends. We have meticulously drafted policies for the benefit of our drivers and give them multiple incentives to continue working with us!


So, if you’re looking for a truck driving job in Memphis region, this might be just the place for you! Cooper Freight will be delighted to have you as a valuable addition to our family. We are open to receiving applications from dedicated candidates for OTR, Team, and Local Company Drivers.