While employers must provide training and guidance to prevent distracted driving, ensuring road safety is ultimately up to individual drivers. Here are some tips drivers should keep in mind to limit distractions behind the wheel:

  • Remain educated on the risks and consequences of distracted driving. Attend any refresher courses your employer provides. Additionally, follow employer-mandated guidelines outlined in distracted driving programs and similar policies.
  • Do not text, dial a cellphone or use dispatching devices while you drive. Even the use of a hands-free device is dangerous and can create a cognitive distraction. To help eliminate the urge to use cellphones and other devices, turn them off and stow them out of sight in a safe compartment. Consider installing an application on your cellphone that recognizes when your vehicle is in motion and responds to texts and calls with a preset safety message.
  • Avoid distracting activities such as eating, personal grooming and reaching for other items in the vehicle while driving. Plan your meals in advance to prevent becoming hungry behind the wheel.
  • Minimize the potential for distractions by planning your routes. Research your drive ahead of time to eliminate the need for a GPS, maps and other navigation tools.
  • Ensure you are well-rested prior to getting behind the wheel. When you drive fatigued, the chances of becoming distracted and getting into an accident increase.

Drivers who glance away from the road for any reason, even for just a second, risk the safety of themselves and others. In order to remain safe on the road, Cooper Freight and its drivers work together to understand and reduce the risks of distracted driving.


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