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Truck drivers are the reason that our moveable properties, raw materials and finished goods get delivered from one location to the other. Without truck drivers, it would not be possible to move our stuff around.

We at Cooper Freight especially prioritize making truck drivers feel appreciated beyond the fact that we are freight shipping and trucking company. We consider the hard work that these heroes put into planning routes and meeting schedules for delivery.

We are taking this moment to appreciate truck drivers everywhere for their passion for ensuring that freight is delivered safely and on time. Because of truck drivers the country can enjoy day to day activities.

Happy Truck Driver Appreciation Week!

Indeed, not only Cooper Freight speaks well of the irreplaceable role of truck drivers around the country. America cares about the blue knights who leave their families behind and work day in and day out on the road to make others happy.

While it is one thing to be grateful for something, it is another thing to express that gratitude. This is why a recognition holiday like the annual National Truck Driver Appreciation Week takes place every year. The 2021 edition has been slated to be held September 12 to 18 but none the less we appreciate truck drivers 24/7/365!


Nationwide, there are over 3.6 million registered expert truckers, helping with different variations of their job descriptions. It is part of the truckers’ association to facilitate the public’s thankfulness.

As a company, we feel proud to be a significant part of truckers who make things happen nationwide. Since 1975, we have provided different services covering 48 states. We offer truck-load services and expedited pick-up, which is our way of referring to orders that require us to deliver freight straight to a customer in a timely manner.

Our Driver Perks

For our operations, we have an unbeatable staff of truckers. As a company that affirms that it would not be in the business of serving people, we do our utmost best to make our truckers as comfortable as they can be.Truck driver perks Cooper Freight

Family is everything, after all. We take a family with the same level of importance as our staff who enjoy our family-friendly culture as one of our company values. This is why our truckers have the perk of being home on weekends 97% of the time.

Also, we include a rider and pet program for truckers who favor activities around either or both. In addition to efforts at keeping tabs on the welfare of our staff, we have a corporate chaplain, lending them a helping hand in coping with work-life balance as a plus to giving them work-related assistance.

Our other benefits include medical insurance health, dental and vision. Similarly, Cooper Freight factors in short and long-term disability insurance for all our employees.

Our operatives are not left exposed to uncertain circumstances. We also offer Aflac insurance, giving our workers supplemental insurance to settle extra costs which may be excluded by their major health insurance.

To further support workers’ personal finance efforts, there is an accessible credit union to them, and with these non-profit cooperatives, registered truckers can take facilities at low interest rates. In addition to Cooper Freight’s determinations to enhance workers develop healthy personal finance, we make provisions for direct deposit.

Research proves that drivers are happier when under less stress and that those who own pets experience lower blood pressure in demanding work or situations than those without pets. At Cooper, we support drivers’ health and have a pet-friendly policy as part of our rider policy.

Per our terms, we pay our driver every time they drop and hook their equipment to a trailer at the same location. In the same vein, we incorporate holiday pay into our truckers’ perks.

From time to time, extra costs may accrue to truckers. We know about these instances and have a system for reimbursing our loyal truckers for paid parking during trips.

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